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Successful brand development
Specific brand communication
Adequate brand positioning
Each project begins with a concept. The stronger the concept, the more impactful the design. Trust BLACKFLAGSHIP: our crew gets right to the core of creativity. Our ideas and creative impulses lead to the success of your brand, its consistent positioning in the marketplace, as well as brand awareness. We develop your brand’s unique selling proposition, plan strategies and communicate your brand image. We direct marketing measures and present your brand in the best possible light.
Craft something beautiful and talk about it. Or let us talk about it: we find the right words for your brand message and develop concise communication concepts for your brand image and brand identity. We take into account your clients’ thought process and tailor the way your brand communicates precisely to a specific consumer group. We speak your customers’ language. The achieved symbiosis of image and identity, of authenticity and sustainability supports your customers’ trust in your brand.
Illustration & Design
A picture is worth a thousand words: The sentiment of your brand is picked up intuitively by your customer through visual measures, even before they take in the contents. BLACKFLAGSHIP sets your brand in the scene visually. From illustration to design, such as marketing materials or visual staging of subjects. Our knowledge of communicating through colour, shape and composition puts your product within the appropriate context.
Brand management & Experience
Your product is the star: It needs attention and service. Our experienced brand managers help put your brand into the limelight and coordinate all interrelated processes. At BLACKFLAGSHIP you’ve got one single point of contact with years of experience looking after you and your brand.
Since each product is different, so are the methods with which brand positioning and communication measures are executed. We’ve got a plan – even for your brand. We develop the right strategy to promote your brand. After the idea comes action: We execute marketing measures that are best for your brand and your target audience. In a nutshell: Your brand appears in the right place, at the right time.
Every product has its own inherent aesthetic. With its design capabilities BLACKFLAGSHIP transcends the limits of pragmatic visual presentation. We bring out your brand’s exclusivity and flair, as well as identify its characteristics – far beyond the functional aspects. A union of beauty and brand message underpins our conceptual ideas for the presentation of your brand.
BLACKFLAGSHIP turns your product into a work of art. Our art directors have a great sensibility for the arrangement and visualisation of objects and brand messages. No matter if it’s a product or service – through our vision, your brand obtains aesthetic as well as emotional dimensions.
Presenting your brand within the most suitable channel: What’s your preference? Conventional print or online advertising? Co-operations, ads on radio or TV? Or something else entirely? We take care of your media planning and arrange promotions and the end-to-end execution of all conceivable marketing measures. Your brand appears whenever and wherever you want.
Communication is a two-way-street: Reach your target audience through an emotional connection. Utilise your brand to trigger needs, dreams, emotions. BLACKFLAGSHIP hits the right notes and reaches consumers on a very personal level. We connect brands and customers: Different marketing tools support interaction. This way your target audience becomes your product’s ally and therefore facilitates trust and brand loyalty.
Your brand, directly in front of your customer: trade shows, road shows, and sponsorships are just some examples of how you can showcase your brand live to your customers. BLACKFLAGSHIP takes care of the appropriate setting for your B2B and B2C marketing events. Your product’s presentation goes hand in hand with the entire marketing concept. That’s sales promotion unified on all levels.
Promotion &
In the wake of brand positioning, promotion as well as activation play an important role after the initial planning phase. Through activation we establish a long-term connection between the customer and the brand. BLACKFLAGSHIP manages your customer relationship, collects data and analyses it.
Brand consulting &
Ideation Workshops
BLACKFLAGSHIP helps you to analyse and execute your brand’s market requirements and challenges. Strategic positioning, re-branding or readjustment of your existing brand image via workshops with joint brainstorming and ideation sessions. We analyse the brand’s status and perspectives in the current and prospective market environments.
Even though BLACKFLAGSHIP is firmly anchored in Berlin, we are at home everywhere. Be it Hamburg or Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich: Clients all over Germany entrust their brand to us and our ability to navigate the ocean of marketing communication. We set sail and steer your brand towards the desired destination – with and against the winds through various industry sectors. Even though something is about to go overboard: we have a suitable lifeboat with us and watch out that your project doesn’t capsize. Short response times, great connections and thoughtful management: Our crew is always at hand when needed. Hire us!
At BLACKFLAGSHIP we make time for you. We want to get to know you and learn all about your brand, your story, the status-quo and your vision for the future. After our first comprehensive meeting we get started with pinpoint precision. No matter where the journey goes: first we prepare with a market analysis and thorough research. That’s how we determine the coordinates, position and perspectives of your brand and put together an optimised plan for our continued collaboration.
Then it’s time to set sail. Based on our brainstorming sessions we create drafts, sketches and scenarios.
You determine the direction and we our next steps and assemble everything into detailed concepts. We present the results of our creative and strategic preparatory work tangibly, clearly as well as authentically and implement any amendments or additions according to your requirements.
Full steam ahead! Your brand is going live! Online, on screen, on page – or even live and interactive? We take care of your entire choreography of marketing measures, advise you regarding a strategy and determine the outcome of your marketing activities.
Trust our crew and become a member of BLACKFLAGSHIP’s fleet of successful brands!